An exclusive gift card solution for restaurant owners, leveraging Australia's leading loyalty platforms.

Loyalty Corp | October 2018


eDining is a service that allows restaurant and cafe owners to feature their businesses on Australia's leading loyalty platforms by offering a branded digital gift card, redeemable via any EFTPOS terminal upon preliminary activation. This project involved creating eDining branding and merchant facing website + user interface.


Venue owners need a way to attract and retain loyal customers, because they lack the time and money to advertise.

We believe that by creating an eDining Gift Card experience for exclusive merchants to advertise their venues on loyalty platforms, we will bring more traffic to their venues.

We will know this to be true when a significant amount of eDining Gift Cards have been redeemed.


• Create a platform for busy business owners to upload their venue details.
• On-board and explain the benefit of the gift card solution in a saturated market.
• Cover the entire payment journey, from EFTPOS terminal registration to user purchasing the gift card and merchant fees.
• Allow merchants to add and manage multiple venues on the same session.

User flow

Features Prioritisation

• Venue details: name, category, contact, address, opening hours
• Multiple venues (stakeholder requirement)
• Bank account required to activate location
• Activity tracking: daily recap of transactions (platform fee is debited daily)

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