An online marketplace to buy and sell locally grown food in your area.

General Assembly | December 2018

The problem

A study from HP Australia* reveals that while over 90% of Australian consumers are concerned about environmental sustainability, only half believe they are doing their fair share to protect the planet.*

We want to find a way to make grocery shopping less harmful for the environment while reconnecting Australians with local food producers.

* HP Australia Environmental Sustainability Study 2018:

Research findings

Grocery shoppers

• Purchasing food = chore
• Aware of sustainability, but not willing to change shopping habits
• Sustainable living seen as hard to achieve ideal, costing more in money or time

Hobby Farmers

• 52% Australian households growing some of their own food + 13% intend to start*
• Main concern = waste
• Want to find new ways to reach out outside of their community to avoid wastage

* Grow Your Own Study by The Australia Institute

Problem statements

Grocery shoppers need a way to make their shop more sustainable and enjoyable because they want to look after the planet without sacrificing their own comfort.

Hobby farmers need a way to put all of their production to good use, regardless of the quantity, because they don’t want to waste any food.

Features Prioritisation

• Selling products: picture, smart pricing
• Search function: products database
• Location: geo-location enabling
• Messaging: chat

User flow


Usability Testing

Naming conventions: Changed ‘Add product’ to ‘Sell product’ to avoid confusion with other apps allowing to add products to a basket.
Clarity: Explained the reason behind product categories in a ‘need help’ section, as this was unclear. Added a FAQs section in the menu.
Deleting stall: Added a ‘visibility’ section in user profile, for more transparency and control about stall visibility for other users.

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Thank you

This application has been submitted as a final project for the
General Assembly Melbourne UX course.